First Documentary Short Film

This page includes my documentary assignment in the CFV 226 class at Grand Valley State University. This is the second portion of the Media Production class within the film and video major requirements. Our groups final video is being graded on: -The story's question (Is quidditch a sport?) -Interviews -Issue -Camera Work -B-roll -Pacing/Editing -Sound Design -Graphics -Focus -White Balance -Exposure -Lighting -Audio This footage is for school purposes only. I do not own any of the Harry Potter footage, Harry Potter themed music, or the midwest Regional Championship footage. All of my footage was captured at Grand Valley State University Edited in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, and Adobe Illustrator.

This is my version of our groups full documentary. We will be comparing all of our individual edits in order to find elements that will work best for our final project. Credits and a deeper sound design still need to be added. Soon there will be the final edit located below. 
Here is the final piece. My personal edit was chosen as a base to work off of for the documentary. The final edit consists of adding an interviewee that is not involved in the particular sport, using adobe audition to eliminate the fan noise inside of the turf building, and adding credits of course! Enjoy.