High School Graphic Designs

Here are some of my first experiments within Photoshop and Illustrator during my high school days. I successfully followed the requirements inside of my web design class at Oxford High School.

I really enjoyed this assignment because we were required to create a CD cover of an artist and include their songs. We kept the dimensions the same as a real CD cover and made sure that the text was not in paragraph form. Another requirement was to have reverse text (light on dark, dark on light), and a resolution of 200 pixels per inch. I also added a filter to the CD cover to make the colors look similar to each other. I really enjoyed making this graphic and loved the creativeness I put into it.
This assignment, created in Adobe Photoshop, was to design a logo for the Oxford Schools Photos Program. I chose to make a circular shape with symmetry so it would be easy to see on anything with any color as a background. Some requirements included using school colors, a proper size in pixels, and proper abbreviations with the words as well. If you look closely you can tell that there is a different color yellow faded into the graphic to give it a shine. I also added a drop shadow to the silver layer to make it seem that the entire yellow layer is underneath the ring.
Here is an assignment I created in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to find a ping pong paddle online and see what I could come up with. We were expected to create a word relative to the picture and design it to the shape, like so. This assignment seemed pretty difficult at first, but once I started messing around with the tools for about ten minutes, it came easily to me.
Above is cover image that I created for my first portfolio website. "Isee3birds" was my original YouTube name when I first started, so I created an eye catching logo with a background. The line is simply a path I made in photoshop then filled it with a stroke using the brush tool. Several layers were added to give the image depth.